Our goal at Kids Sports Central is to provide you with the best, most up to date information on all equipment related to youth sports equipment.  Instead of searching hundreds of sites to get little bits of information, we consolidate all the best information and break it down into our 4 main categories: Safety, Quality, Performance and Extras.

We believe whole-heatedly that the most important decision for your equipment purchase should be safety.  Many of the products we recommend are made to protect your child and we will not recommend any product that we feel safety of the equipment has been compromised.

After the safety concerns are addressed, the next consideration is quality of the equipment.  The best, high quality equipment should hold up after many meets, games, or practice sessions.  They equipment needs to take on repeated abuse with no signs of premature failure.  This comes down to quality design, good materials and top manufacturing practices.  To ensure you get your money’s worth is it’s smart to consider any guarantees or warrantee’s offered which can help to protect your investment.

Once you have weeded out any equipment or brands that pose a safety or quality risk, then the next area of focus is overall performance of the equipment.  Does the equipment do what it claims it can?  Can it hold up in all weather condition?  How easy is the equipment to use or put on?  These are the types of questions we try to answer with each and every recommendation we provide.

And finally, many pieces of equipment have what we call “extras”.  These are typically new innovations that are intended to impress the purchaser into making that final buy decisions.  Sometimes these extras are smart, new, innovate and worth every penny.  Other times the extra is just a distraction and not worth the extra dollars.  We try to weed out the good extras from the bad extras.

Our goals is to provide you with the best, most informative information that you need to know in order to make a good solid purchase.  Our hope is that you do find our reviews informative and helpful time and time again in selecting the best products at a reasonable price for your child’s sports gear.