Youth Volleyball Shoes – How To Find The Right Pair For Your Kid

How To Find The Best Youth Volleyball Shoes

Youth Volleyball Shoes

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it’s likely your kid has discovered the love of volleyball. Maybe they’re about to start playing for a club, middle school, or high school volleyball team.

Or you’re scouting some gear in hopes your child eventually gets into the sport of volleyball.

Either way, volleyball is a committed team sport. Volleyball players have the opportunity to learn powerful things at an early age.

The sweet satisfaction of sticking something out with discipline and training. The thrill of a hard-fought victory, the long-lasting impact of an encouraging coach.

To make the most of those experiences, your kid needs to be on their game – literally and figuratively. What better way to set the tone than with well-fitting, confidence boosting gear?

A coach or booster club may provide the uniforms, but it’s often up to the parent to supply a youth volleyball shoe. And it’s one of the most crucial volleyball items. They need a well-made and supportive pair of youth volleyball shoes. [Read more…]

Kids Swim Cap – How To Find The Right One For Your Kid

Helping You Find The Best Kids Swim Cap

Kids Swim Cap

Ah, swimming. One of the sports you can put your kids in that won’t break the bank. Because it doesn’t much in the way of expensive gear or accessories.

Of course, your kid needs a swimsuit, but there’s only a couple of extra swim accessories.

One of those being a high-quality kids swim cap.

But with so many kids swim cap choices available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why your here, to find the right swim cap for your kid. [Read more…]

Kids Swim Goggles – How To Find The Perfect Pair

Helping You Find The Best Kids Swim Goggles

Kids Swim Goggles

I’ll admit it. I’m a little bit jealous of our young swimmers and splashers today. When I was young, it wasn’t a thing to have swim goggles for kids.

Suits, yes. I mean…well…definitely, yes. Naked puddle-jumping in the backyard at the age of two is the closest my mom ever let me come to skinny dipping.

But swim goggles – gear to actually keep stinging chlorine-laden water out of my eyes. Cool swim goggles that made me feel like a kick-butt bug-eyed alien superhero?

That would have been nice too.

If I’d had swim goggles, I might have actually been brave enough to put my head underwater before the age of nine. I feel you nodding your head over there in solidarity, thanks.

Today there are a lot of tools to help make a first water experience positive and exciting. And if your child likes the idea of looking like a bug or alien, what’s not to love?

So consider giving your child that experience by setting them up with a quality set of kids swim goggles. [Read more…]