Best Tennis Strings For Kids

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Most kids who are between the ages of 2 and 12 years old are not going to break many sets of tennis strings but there is the odd chance that you might be faced with the question of what kind of strings to put into your 7 years old’s racket.

The right string is a very important companion to the best tennis rackets for kids and the decision should not be overlooked.

Nearly every single professional tennis player is using polyester strings but they should not be used in kid’s tennis rackets.

The best tennis strings for kids is a nice and soft synthetic gut. We recommend using, what is widely regarded as one of the best tennis strings ever made, Prince Synthetic Gut.

The reason we recommend not using poly strings for your kid’s tennis rackets is that poly is a lot stiffer and harder on their arm.

At a young age, it is more important to protect their elbows than to get the most out of their strings.

Once they get a little older and stronger you can start to experiment with a poly main string and a synthetic gut cross string but make sure you’re dropping the tension on the main string 5-15%.

Until next time, good luck and hit hard!

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