Boys Winter Coats

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Boys Winter CoatsWinter coats for kids are obviously extremely important.

But you can’t just bow to the demands of style when deciding which coat to go for. Boys, in particular, have quite particular needs when it comes to a great coat.

Active and energetic, your boy is looking for a coat that not only keeps him warm, but also accommodates all his activities.

Shopping in the outdoors and sports section is the best way to get an appropriate kids winter coat. But what exactly should you be looking for?

Here are a few ideas that you might want to keep in mind.

Boys Winter Coats Sizes

You want to choose the right size of coat for your child.

When you’re making a relatively big investment it can be very tempting to buy clothing in a larger size that your child can grow into.

However, children do all grow at different rates, and because kids winter coats are worn for such a limited time there’s no guarantee that even the bigger size will fit him next year.

Sleeves should cover the wrist, length should come just below the butt, and the jacket should be snug but lose enough that he can wear a sweater or two beneath.

Keeping Your Boys Warm During Winter

Of course, kids winter coats need to be warm. Remember that it’s generally far more effective to wear layers that trap heat inside them than it is to buy one thick coat.

Another factor here is the level of activity of your child.

Boys do tend to run around and want to play in the snow, so buying coats that layer gives the option of removing one layer of clothing without actually taking off an entire jacket. Something like this coat from Columbia is an excellent option.

You can detach the outer shell from the inner fleece lining and wear either part separately or both together.

This also makes the coat a better investment, since it can be worn in different temperature ranges.

What Material Is The Coat Made Of?

The right material is essential when deciding on winter coats for kids.

You want durability, but you also need a good combination of both a warm and a waterproof fabric. And don’t forget that all-important breathability factor.

Non-breathable material will result in sweating, which will be uncomfortable for your child and can also be risky to his health. Taking off his coat because he’s sweating whilst playing means he’s then exposing his sweat-soaked clothing to cold air, which is just begging for a winter illness.

Check out something like the Ryder Warmth Long Jacket which gives a great combination of all the things that you’re looking for in boys winter coats.

Extras Things To Consider

There are a few other, smaller, things that you should also keep in mind.

Finding a coat that’s seam-sealed will keep your child warmer and increase the longevity of the fabric.

Sealed seams will keep the wind out and stop cold air leaking into the jacket. But they will also be stronger than traditional seams, meaning less chance of the seams breaking.

If you live in a particularly snowy climate look out for powder skirts (though you might not want to tell your boy that his coat has a skirt!). A powder skirt is an elastic attachment that pulls tight around the waist area to stop snow going up the back of the coat when your child falls, or when he’s making snow angels!

The Columbia Sportswear Glacier Slope Jacket is an ideal choice, having both a powder skirt and sealed seams.

Boys Coats & Colors

Finally, color isn’t just a matter of style.

During winter days, when kids are liable to be out after dark even if they’re just coming home from school, a brightly colored coat is always best for safety.

If possible, look for boys winter coats that have reflective elements such as patches or wristbands to really increase visibility. You really want to ensure that your child is highly visible on the street in the winter time to prevent accidents.

Boys winter coats can all seem fairly similar. But a quick look at the options will show you that there are several options that you have.

Getting something warm, waterproof and breathable, as well as something durable and reflective, will mean that your child is snug and warm all winter. Kids winter coats are a relatively short term investment, since they will grow out of them fast, but that doesn’t mean that you should skimp on features.

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