Shin Guards For Kids: Required Gear For Youth Soccer Players

Plastic Youth Soccer Shin GuardsShin Guards are a required piece of soccer equipment for all organized youth soccer programs.

Referees are responsible to ensure that no child plays in a soccer match without a proper pair of shin guards.  This is required due to important safety aspects.

Shin guards protect your child from minor bruises and scrapes but also from potential broken bones.  If an opposing player kicks your child’s shin or ankles just right it could become a serious injury.

The good news is that shin guards offer superb protection for your youth.

Determining The Right Pair

Shin guards come in a variety of unique styles and sizes.  The “right” pair of shin guards for your youth comes down to a few determining factors:  age, size, type of play and typical position.

The first thing to understand before making a purchase is to know what kind of materials shin guards are typically made of and how these materials differ.

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Kids Soccer Cleats Will Help Increase Safety and Performance on the Field

Kids Soccer CleatsAll soccer players need a proper set of cleats no matter what age.

A good pair of soccer cleats will help to improve your child’s overall performance by ensuring good acceleration and quick turning but, more importantly, a good pair of cleats helps to improve safety.

A soccer player who doesn’t have good footing in all weather conditions has a high potential to get hurt.  Good footing is a must to prevent slips and falls that can lead to serious injuries.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase

Safety:  When running at a high rate of speed while kicking a ball, any unnecessary tumble could become a significant injury.  Cleats won’t prevent all falls but, any reduction in the frequency of falls is a safety improvement in our opinion.  This is even more important in wet weather, where achieving quality footing is even more difficult.

Quality:  With footwear of any kind the key to quality is in the materials and how the materials are assembled.  We prefer quality stitching instead of glue or adhesion.  The better quality shoes typically cost a little more but the old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true for kid’s soccer cleats.

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Goalkeepers Gloves: Your Essential Guide

A soccer goalkeeper’s handsGoalkeepers Gloves and Stretches are exposed to ongoing extreme dynamic loads where fingers, hands, and wrists need to be protected.

Without the proper hand protection, a soccer ball flying towards the net at high speed can easily hyper-extend a goalkeepers wrists or jam fingers.

Fortunately, with today’s gloves technology, you can rest assured that a smart purchase will protect your youth.

Below are our top 3 recommended goalie gloves and the reasons we recommend them.

Safety:  From a safety perspective, we will NOT recommend any goalkeeper gloves that don’t provide finger saving and hyper-extension technology.  Many cheaper gloves don’t include these safety technologies and instead focus solely on performance and flexibility, however, we will not be recommending any of those.

Quality:  We make certain to search the web for any quality related complaints we can find.  If there are any quality concerns then we make certain to disclose that to you.  However, if we discover a significant amount of quality related concerns then chances are will avoid a recommendation altogether.

Performance:  Performance for a pair of goalie gloves comes down to overall grip attributes, overall fit and customer satisfaction.

Extras:  Hands can get very hot and sweaty in a pair of goalkeeper gloves so vents or breathable mesh are nice additions.  We will call out any other “extras” that you won’t find in all goalkeepers gloves.

Select Youth Goalie Glove with Finger Protection – Best Glove for the Younger Kids

Safety:   These gloves include the recommended finger protection we are a huge fan of.  One comment even went so far to mentioned that the finger splines were stiff the first few times used.  However, they soon became a bit more flexible after use.   This is proof that these gloves take the safety of fingers and hands as a top priority.

Quality:  These gloves claim to have exceptional durability and no negative comments were found with our extensive research.  For the price, it seems that the durability of these gloves is very reasonable.

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