Boys Winter Coats

Boys Winter CoatsWinter coats for kids are obviously extremely important.

But you can’t just bow to the demands of style when deciding which coat to go for. Boys, in particular, have quite particular needs when it comes to a great coat.

Active and energetic, your boy is looking for a coat that not only keeps him warm, but also accommodates all his activities.

Shopping in the outdoors and sports section is the best way to get an appropriate kids winter coat. But what exactly should you be looking for?

Here are a few ideas that you might want to keep in mind.

Boys Winter Coats Sizes

You want to choose the right size of coat for your child.

When you’re making a relatively big investment it can be very tempting to buy clothing in a larger size that your child can grow into.

However, children do all grow at different rates, and because kids winter coats are worn for such a limited time there’s no guarantee that even the bigger size will fit him next year.

Sleeves should cover the wrist, length should come just below the butt, and the jacket should be snug but lose enough that he can wear a sweater or two beneath.

Keeping Your Boys Warm During Winter

Of course, kids winter coats need to be warm. Remember that it’s generally far more effective to wear layers that trap heat inside them than it is to buy one thick coat.

Another factor here is the level of activity of your child.

Boys do tend to run around and want to play in the snow, so buying coats that layer gives the option of removing one layer of clothing without actually taking off an entire jacket. Something like this coat from Columbia is an excellent option.

You can detach the outer shell from the inner fleece lining and wear either part separately or both together.

This also makes the coat a better investment, since it can be worn in different temperature ranges.

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Roller Skates for Kids

Roller Skates For Kids

Roller skating was a part of most of our childhoods, and just because these days everyone’s into inline skates doesn’t mean that your kids should miss out on the four wheel deal.

In fact, there are solid reasons why roller skates for kids are a better idea for your children that inline skates are anyway.

Today we’re taking a look at kids roller skates, as well as some of the concerns that you should keep in mind whilst you’re buying. So, don’t let your kids miss out on the four wheel experience, you might even feel like recapturing your childhood and joining them!

Why Roller Skates are Better For Kids

Kids Roller SkatesInline skates might be the hot new thing, but roller skates really are a better idea for children. As children are still developing, their inner ears are not quite giving them the same kind of balance that adults have.

This means that giving them quad wheel roller skates rather than inline skates is going to be a safer decision. Plus, the learning curve for roller skates is a lot less steep than that for inline skates.

Strap on some roller skates and you’ll be dashing up and down the street in no time, as opposed to inline skates which are going to require a fair amount of practice.

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Kids Basketball Shoes : 5 Tips For The Perfect Fit

Kids Basketball Shoes

Basketball is a great first sport for kids to play. It teaches great coordination skills and teamwork.

But as with any sport it’s important that your child has the correct equipment in order to be safe and prevent injury.

Buying basketball shoes for kids is more than just a matter of style.

Today we’re discussing some of the things that you should be looking for in kids basketball shoes, so that you can ensure that your child has the right shoes to not only play his best game, but also to protect him effectively.

Fitting Kids Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes for kids don’t always come cheap, and it can be tempting to buy a size larger than necessary because little feet grow fast.However, this isn’t a great idea.

Shoes that are too large are going to cause feet to slide, and your child just won’t have the control that he needs. Shoes that are too small are going to impair foot growth, and this is a serious issue since children have very soft and pliable bones in their feet.

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Football Games for Kids

Football Games For Kids

When you think of football, you probably think of big guys wearing lots of padding and getting knocked around.

That means that when it comes to kids football, you might be a little worried about sending your child out onto the field. However, football does have a lot to teach, from coordination to team spirit, and it really is never to early to start.

As long as you have the appropriate equipment, there are plenty of football games for kids to play that aren’t going to have them coming home with black eyes or broken noses! Today we’re looking at what you should keep in mind when it comes to football for kids so that you can make sure that your child is both safe and having fun.

Which Football Games for Kids are Right?

Kids Football GamesIt’s unusual that smaller children will play full-contact football. Generally, kids play flag football, a variant of traditional football that involves grabbing a flag from the waistband of the opposing player, rather than knocking him to the floor.

Obviously, this is far safer for children to play. This has the benefit of allowing younger children to learn the appropriate rules of the game, without placing young bodies in too much danger.

In general, contact football won’t start until at least middle school level. However, you can even play simple throw and catch practice games out in the yard to help your child improve his coordination.

You might want to consider investing in a practice net, which will allow your child to practice both kicking and throwing without needing another player around.  Another great thing about this practice net is that is can be used indoors and/or outdoors all year round.

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Kids Ski Pants Becasue No One Should Ski In Jeans

Ski Pants for KidsKeeping your kids safe and warm on the ski slopes is obviously your top priority, and nothing factors more heavily in this than making sure that they’re properly equipped.

You may not think that kids ski pants can make a difference, but in both keeping kids visible and keeping them comfortable they really do, and pants need to be chosen carefully.

Below we’ve listed the things that you should be considering when buying ski pants for your child:


Kids pants come in three different styles.

The most common insulated, which are waterproof on the outside and lined on the inside to keep kids warm.

There are also shell pants, that are basically waterproof coverings that need to be worn over other layers. These may be practical when skiing in warmer conditions.

Finally, there are bib pants, which fit like overalls, and are most suited to younger children, as they ride higher and keep more of the body warm as well as making sure that pants don’t fall down.

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Youth Wrestling Shoes: Keys to Making a Smart Purchase

Pair of Used Youth Wrestling ShoesA good pair of wrestling shoes will help your youth be their best out there on the mat.

If the competition already has a pair of wrestling shoes, but your kid doesn’t, then its time to even out the odds.  Wrestling shoes are made to improve overall wrestling agility and ability.

The typical benefits of having wrestling shoes are improved grip, ankle support, and lightweight.

Leverage Can Make All the Difference Between a Win and a Loss

One of the major benefits of wrestling shoes is the grip and traction that they provide.

When attempting to roll an opponent over with a half nelson move for a pin, your child needs every advantage they can get.

A pair of good wrestling shoes with proper grip and traction may just improve leverage enough to make a difference.

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Gymnastics Bars For Both Beginners and Pros

Gymnastics BarsA set of Practice Gymnastics Bars are great tools for both young boys and girls to help strengthen their core muscles and develop muscle memory for bar related gymnastic skills.

Young boys often train for strength moves on practice bars in the gym and young girls practice and complete whole routines on them.

Many sets of practice bars are perfect for a basement practice area – some are low to the ground so the gymnast if they do falter, will only fall a few inches to a crash mat (if at all) and getting into and out of practice positions is so much easier.

Practice bars are made out of many different materials, from wood to plastic and most resemble push up bars that adults often use.

Young gymnasts can practice their hand placements as well as developing the muscles needed to hold themselves upright on the bars or in a tuck position (working just about every muscle in the body!).

Practice Gymnastics Bars For Those Just Starting Out

For those little ones just starting out, these 4ft Purple Horizontal Bar and 6ft Pink Folding Gym Mat are the perfect set.

It also includes a custom mat that is guaranteed to fit correctly underneath help to ensure everyone’s safety.

Practice Gymnastics Bars For Those Well On Their Way

We recommend this practice gymnastics bar for the more mature gymnast, they are perfect for at home practice.

Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Bar.

These at-home practice bars have a very stable base and are relatively easy to move around, when necessary and they are also adjustable, so as your young gymnast grows these practice bars with can grow with them.

We also recommend that you purchase a high-quality gymnastics crash mat to put underneath your new practice bars, to keep your little tumbler safe.


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Gymnastics Leotards For Girls: For Safety, Performance and Confidence

Gymnast in LeotardThe most basic piece of gymnastics apparel is the leotard, so luckily there are many gymnastics leotards options to choose from.

Gymnastics Leotards Are Good For Both Safety and Performance

A leotard is advised during gymnastics events since it is tight fitting and won’t get caught on anything.

Loose clothing can get caught, or move around and impair vision (think of a loose shirt coming up over the eyes when a gymnast goes upside down in a handstand – not good!).

There are several versions of leotards, and many recreational gymnastics can find them with attached shorts (very similar to a singlet worn by wrestlers).

A leotard also allows coaches to better correct form and position by seeing the line of the body as it moves through a skill or a finished landing.  Even someone attending a first class or special event (maybe a birthday party or open gym for guests) should be advised to wear tight fitting clothing if they don’t have access to a leotard.

For practice, most gymnasts will prefer a tank leotard with no sleeves.  This will allow a gymnast to practice without any scratching or overheating.

For a competition, most clubs/teams will have gymnasts wear all the same leotard – usually long sleeved, sometimes with the club logo, and often quite elegant!!

Leotards typically come in sizes similar to swimsuits – and parents can gauge the size their child might wear based on their swimsuit size.

To help you get started on your search for the perfect leotard we have provided a couple of great gymnastics leotards for girls that you might be interested in:

This specific leotard is a great first practice leotard for the older girls.  It is both stylish and reasonably priced.Pink Safari Leotard (Adult Small).

This leotard has gotten good feedback from the younger girls Fuchsia Twister Leotard (Child Medium).

Keep it in mind that these are just 2 options to choose from.  There are many more options available online and finding the right size and color is very important for your little girl.

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Gymnastics Beam: When Practice Makes Perfect

Your young gymnast will likelyGymnastics Beam try to use just about anything as a Gymnastics Balance Beam – the curb, the countertop, the railing, you name it.

To keep them safe and recreate their practice environment in your home, consider purchasing a practice gymnastics beam.

There are a few varieties, all low to the ground while still giving your athlete an opportunity to practice skills.

As an added bonus, those tricks they are scared to try on the high beam in the gym can be tried on the low beam in your own home (with a mat, of course) until their confidence is ready to take them to new heights in the gym in front of their coaches.

Several Varieties To Choose From

As mentioned, there are a few different varieties.  You can opt to go with suede for a feel similar to the one your athlete practices on in the gym, or foam for easy care and soft landings, or even folding varieties that can be stored away when not in use.

Some are nearly flush to the ground (raised an inch or two with a side that slopes down to the floor) and others mimic a high beam and actually provide your gymnast with an inch or two of clearance between the bottom of the beam and the floor (see featured products).

These practice beams cover a variety of needs.  We bet you’ll find one that works for you and your athlete!

The Gymnastics Folding Training Low Beam is a perfect beam solution for those of us who have storage as a high priority.

Very few people have the room necessary for a permanent beam setup, so this very lightweight, folding beam option may be just the solution you’re looking for. It’s even light enough that most kids can fold it and put it away themselves!

A Good Gymnastics Beam If You Have Extra Space

For those who are lucky enough to have a large basement or another area that a more permanent solution can be utilized then we think you should consider The Beam Store Pink Suede 8-Feet Gymnastics Balance Beam.

A Beam For Those With More Limited Space

This beam is not made to be disassembled often so make certain you have an area that this can stay in for long periods of time.  This beam is very sturdy and will last a very long time.

One feature we really like with this particular beam is that higher legs can be added to it in the future to raise the beam as your child advances!

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Gymnastics Grips: Helps To Stay On The Bar

A pile of gymnastics gripsGrips are pieces of leather sewn together with buckles or straps that cover a gymnasts hands while they practice and compete on the uneven bars (for the women) or the high bar and rings (for the men).

There are a few different kinds and sizes, and certainly, the grips vary for men and women. When it comes time for your gymnast to start using grips, ask the coaching staff to help determine the kind needed – then you can place an order.

At What Age Should Grips Be Purchased

Young gymnasts won’t need grips right away, so don’t see them as a barrier to entry into the sport in any way. Once your gymnast reaches a level of difficulty at which they need a better grip on the bar or rings.

Here’s a good “first” pair of gymnastics grips for young girls Nastia Liukin Beginner Hook & Loop Grips.

We all probably remember Nastia Liukin as the 2008 Olympic All-Around gold medalist.

Here’s a reasonably priced “first” pair of grips for young men Beginner Grip (Large, Black Velcro).

Grips Allow For Better Control

Grips cover the hand and wrap around the wrist, protecting the hand from friction and also creating a fold of leather that allows a gymnast better control of the bar or rings.

Wristbands are worn under the grip on the wrist to protect the skin and add a layer of padding under the buckle.

They Will Wear Out Over Time

Grips do stretch out over time, and even rip sometimes, so they do need to be replaced eventually. If your child is a competitive gymnast and plans to be in the sport for several years, plan on ordering new grips a few times – perhaps once a year.

Since you don’t know when the stretching or a tear might occur, it’s always a good idea to have an extra pair ready that the gymnast has broken in already – you don’t want to be at a meet facing a bar routine or ring routine without a backup pair of grips!

For the more advanced gymnasts, these are highly recommended grips that you can’t go wrong with (girls): US Glove Women’s Dowel grip w/Buckle

Or these for men: Reisport Men’s High Bar Grips – Double Buckle – Medium

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