Football Games for Kids

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Football Games For Kids

When you think of football, you probably think of big guys wearing lots of padding and getting knocked around.

That means that when it comes to kids football, you might be a little worried about sending your child out onto the field. However, football does have a lot to teach, from coordination to team spirit, and it really is never to early to start.

As long as you have the appropriate equipment, there are plenty of football games for kids to play that aren’t going to have them coming home with black eyes or broken noses! Today we’re looking at what you should keep in mind when it comes to football for kids so that you can make sure that your child is both safe and having fun.

Which Football Games for Kids are Right?

Kids Football GamesIt’s unusual that smaller children will play full-contact football. Generally, kids play flag football, a variant of traditional football that involves grabbing a flag from the waistband of the opposing player, rather than knocking him to the floor.

Obviously, this is far safer for children to play. This has the benefit of allowing younger children to learn the appropriate rules of the game, without placing young bodies in too much danger.

In general, contact football won’t start until at least middle school level. However, you can even play simple throw and catch practice games out in the yard to help your child improve his coordination.

You might want to consider investing in a practice net, which will allow your child to practice both kicking and throwing without needing another player around.  Another great thing about this practice net is that is can be used indoors and/or outdoors all year round.

There are Football and Then There Are Kids Footballs

Small Kids Sized FootballYou should also consider a specific football for kids. Balls do come in lots of different sizes, and smaller hands are going to need a smaller ball to be able to grip it in the correct way to throw.

A Pee Wee sized ball is really going to be your best bet for younger players.

Remember that a ball that’s too big just won’t be manageable for a smaller child, and will make improving coordination tough.

Are Kids Football Pads Necessary?

Of course, your child’s health and safety are always of the utmost importance to you (and everyone here at KSC).

Even at a young, non-contact, football game, many parents do choose to protect their child in some way. A full football helmet is probably not going to be necessary until contact games start, though some Pee Wee teams may insist on some form of head protection.

However, more important is padding. Though full padding won’t generally be used for the smallest kids, general padding like these youth football elbow pads may be used to protect elbows and possibly even your kid’s knees.

Once the football games of leagues start to be a little more serious, then padding will also get a little more serious. It will be necessary to fit your child out in padded football pants and also to invest in some solid shoulder pads ensure that your child is fully protected. It’s important that all padding is well fitted, and not too big, as ill-fitting equipment may do more damage than good.

When it’s time to start wearing a helmet we recommend you check out the Xenith X2 Youth Football Helmet.  Check out this short video on some of the fit and protection features of the X2:

Remember To Relax…

Thousands of children all around the country play kids football. As scary as it may seem to send your little one out onto a football field, as long as your child has the appropriate protection then football for kids is a normal part of growing up.

The lessons learned on the field will be invaluable to your child’s growing experience. And you might even find yourself enjoying those bonding sessions while you’re throwing a ball around together in the backyard.

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