Different Gymnastics Mats For Different Stages

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Gymnastics MatsGymnastics mats will help to keep your gymnast safe at home while they tumble around (let’s face it – what young gymnast hasn’t used the couch as a landing mat?) is a top priority.

One way to promote a safe practice environment in your home is with a few high quality tumbling mats.

Learning to do a handstand or cartwheel, or later a back or front walkover is easier when there is some assurance of a softer landing!

Heck, this Pink Children’s Gymnastics Cartwheel / Beam Training Mat even comes with hand and footprints to guide your young gymnast as they learn basic moves.  Pretty cool, huh!?

Best Tumbling Mat For Limited Space

This soft landing mat can be easily folded away for storage, meaning you get your basement back when needed or can bring out the gymnastics mats easily when your child wants to do an impromptu show for his or her grandparents.  Most are covered in vinyl which makes them effortless to clean.

A Landing Mat To Protect and Teach

Landing Mats

Aside from flat, gymnastics folding mats, you can also help your budding star with a few gymnastic specific tools – like an incline mat or Folding Gymnastics Incline Mat Wedge Block 24x48x14 Firm (for learning backward rolls, etc.) and a “mailbox” form (for learning backbends and back walkovers).

This bright and colorful mat will make your young gymnast smile every time they practice!

Thicker Crash Mats For More Advanced Skills

For the gymnasts who have mastered the basic moves and are beginning to step up the level of difficulty then thicker landing mats are what we recommend.

These thicker mats will make the inevitable stumbles and falls a bit less painful.  This Tumbl Trak Pit Pillow Soft Mat with Denim Cover, 3-Feet Width x 4-Feet Length x 8-Inch Height is a full 8 INCHES thick.  That’s about 2 times thicker than your basic tumbling mat.

Each of these gymnastics mats make for a perfect at home practice area.  It will help to ensure safety, which as parents is the most important thing for our youths.

The next step is to provide your little one some basic guidance on what moves to focus on at home.

We have found a great resource for exactly how to perform those first basic at home gymnastics moves.

Blog Photos by Rick McCharles

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