Ice Skates for Kids : How To Find The Perfect Pair

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Ice Skates for KidsWithout the proper skates, ice skating can be dangerous.

Choosing the right skates for your kids is essential.

Fortunately, there are a few guidelines that will help you choose the right kind of skate, whether you want toddler ice skates, fast girls skates, or boys hockey skates.

Read on to find out the important info you need to ensure that you’re buying the right skates for your child…

Fit is Important When Choosing Ice Skates For Kids

As with anything that goes on your child’s feet, the fit is extremely important.

Skates that are too big will allow slippage and loss of control on the ice. Skates that are too small can damage your child’s feet. Ensure that boots fit snugly, that the heel doesn’t slip, and that toes have a little wiggle room.

In general ice skates will require a lengthy breaking in period, since the material of the boot has to be stiff to give support. A boot may not be comfortable at first fitting, so do make sure that it fits appropriately.

Your child will probably need to wear the skates around the house (with guards on!) for a while to break them in.

Consider Adjustable Ice Skates

The ankle support in kids ice skates is also extremely important since this is what will prevent all too common ice skating ankle injuries.

Many pairs of kids ice skates, such as these adjustable ice skates feature adjustable ankle supports.

This will allow you to both raise and lower where the skate attaches at the ankle, as well as adjusting how tight the clasp is around the ankle.

These kinds of skate are a convenient choice for children since each child varies and an adjustable skate will simply ensure a better fit and more support.

What About Figure Skates For Kids?

Some of your skate choices will obviously depend on the sport that your child is planning on doing.

Figure skates, in particular, are a very specific style. If you’re looking for fast girl skates for figure skating then you’ll be looking for something similar to this pair of Riedell ice skates.

Notice that the skates lace all the way to the top, providing both support and necessary flexibility. Blades on figure skates are generally a little thinner, and on the toe of the blade, there are several small indentations known as picks.

These picks help in turning and jumping and are an important part of a good figure skate. For children, three or four picks on the toe should be sufficient.

Hockey Skates For Kids

Hockey skates don’t need to be as flexible as figure skates and so tend to be more robust.

Something like these Bauer premier youth ice hockey skates this is ideal. Lots of thick cushioning supports and protects the foot, and the blade is a little lower to the ground and thicker than on a figure skate.

Toddler Ice Skates

Toddler ice skates are a rather special item, and you should definitely go with a good brand.

These toddler ice skates are perfect for little ones.

The molded shell means that feet are secure and there’s lots of support. The blade on the skate is mostly covered for safety reasons, and the easy to close buckle ensures a tight fit.

Safety is Always The Most Important Thing

As always, you will need the appropriate safety gear.

Ice hockey players will need specific protective gear, and your coach will advise you of the correct pads to buy for your child.

Knee and elbow pads such as these will be essential whilst your child is learning the basics, and some classes may require them.

Finally, even beginning figure skating classes for children might require a helmet, so you should also keep that in mind.

Buying ice skates for kids can be a slightly time-consuming process since you’ll probably end up trying a dozen pairs before you find the perfect fit.

But it is important that you persevere and find exactly the right skates before letting your child on the ice.

The right skates will make a better, and safer, skater.



  1. Taylor Bishop says:

    I appreciate that you mentioned to consider adjustable ice skates, especially to ensure a better fit and more support. After all, you’ll want to make sure your child is comfortable in the right skates. Having something that can adjust to the needs of a child could really make the skating experience better for them.

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