Kids Basketball Shoes : 5 Tips For The Perfect Fit

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Kids Basketball Shoes

Basketball is a great first sport for kids to play. It teaches great coordination skills and teamwork.

But as with any sport it’s important that your child has the correct equipment in order to be safe and prevent injury.

Buying basketball shoes for kids is more than just a matter of style.

Today we’re discussing some of the things that you should be looking for in kids basketball shoes, so that you can ensure that your child has the right shoes to not only play his best game, but also to protect him effectively.

Fitting Kids Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes for kids don’t always come cheap, and it can be tempting to buy a size larger than necessary because little feet grow fast.However, this isn’t a great idea.

Shoes that are too large are going to cause feet to slide, and your child just won’t have the control that he needs. Shoes that are too small are going to impair foot growth, and this is a serious issue since children have very soft and pliable bones in their feet.

Make sure that you get a good fit, even though that might mean buying new shoes every few months.

Style Points

Basketball Shoes For KidsBy far the most popular style of shoes is the Converse range of canvas basketball shoes. These basketball shoes are extremely popular and, most people will agree, they are also rather fashionable.

However, it’s important to note that these are not really the correct style of shoe for serious child athletes. They simply don’t have the kind of support that a child needs to protect his feet. By all means, choose stylish shoes, but don’t let style dictate your purchase, look instead for something that fully protects your kid’s feet.

The All Important Ankle Support

When you’re choosing kids basketball shoes you will want to look for shoes that have a lot of ankle support[/easyazon-link]. Notice the thick padding around the ankle area, and how high up the leg the shoe comes.

The kinds of basketball shoes you’re looking for strong ankle support to prevent twists, sprains, and breaks. In a game where players are constantly pivoting on a shiny surface, you should take ankle support extremely seriously.


Bball Shoes KidsYou also need to look for a good amount of cushioning in the sneaker. Products like these Adidas shoes provide good all round cushioning not only in the sole of the shoe but also in the body.

Cushioning helps to absorb impact, meaning there’s less likely to be damage to your child’s feet as he or she lands frequently from high jumps. The more cushioning a shoe has, the more shock absorbing it will be.


Having said that you need plenty of cushioning to absorb shocks, don’t let all that extra padding add up to a lot of extra weight. Kids basketball shoes really need to be as lightweight as possible. Look for something that’s going to be comfortable and that isn’t going to weigh your child down.


Things get hot and sweaty on the basketball court, and feet need to be as air conditioned as possible. Look for basketball shoes for kids that are breathable.

Jordan Kids Basketball ShoeYou really can’t go wrong with a pair of kids basketball shoes with this guys name on them and since they contain mesh elements to let air in and out of the shoe. It’s important that the shoe is breathable not just for comfort, but also for health reasons.

Damp, sweaty feet lead to fungal infections, which are never pleasant. And you also want the shoe to dry out as quickly as possible after use so that there’s no moisture left the next time that it’s worn. Attempt to avoid synthetic fabrics as much as possible, and look for mesh elements to aid airflow inside the shoe.

Basketball shoes for kids can be a bit of an investment, and you’re probably going to be spending a little more than you may think is necessary. But it is important that your child has the right shoes, both for performance and for health and safety.

A solid sneaker with lots of cushioning and ankle support made from breathable fabric is going to be your best bet. And your kids can always pay you back once he joins the pros.

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