Kids Skis : What To Know When Choosing Skis For Kids

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Getting your kids out on the slopes is easier than you think.

Skiing is a great family sport and is something that all but the very smallest children can appreciate. But you will need to make sure that you properly equip your child to get out on the slopes.

Equipment rental is always a possibility, but if your family’s loves to ski or you live in a ski area, you really should buy your kids skis.

Plus, kids can get at least two seasons out of a new set of skis, and you can sell them later, so they are a fine investment.

Here’s everything you need to know about shopping for kids skis.

Kids Skis Themselves

Kids Ski For Small KidsWhen buying your kids skis you start by measuring the skis and your child.

The overall length of your kid’s skis should be no taller than your child’s nose and no shorter than their chest area when the skis are placed next to your standing child.

Shorter skis are best for beginners since speeds will be slower and are easier to control. Also, if your child is a little underweight for his age you also might want to consider shorter skis.

Longer skis will mean more speed and are also recommended for children who are a little above average weight. These kids skis are a good choice for smaller kids. Notice that they’re thicker than normal skis in order to give the child more control and stability.

For older children, something more like this pair of skis may be more appropriate, since they’re a little thinner and will get a little more speed. When it comes to bindings, make sure that they’re tight and fit well and that they are specifically designed to be children’s bindings NOT adult models. The ski’s manufacturer will note whether bindings are adult or child appropriate.

Kids Ski Boots

Kids Ski BootsAgain, ski boots should be a nice close fit, too much wiggle room means that ankles aren’t getting the support that they need and injuries could occur.

Children should start off with a rear entry boot that is easy to put on and provides plenty of support. Two to three clasps will be fine, more than that younger kids won’t have the strength to flex the boot to get their knees forward and could get injured.

These kids ski boots are great options and, as an added bonus this model is also adjustable, so your child will get more wear out of them.

Kids Ski Jackets

Kids Ski Jacket Should Be WarmKids ski jackets are an essential piece of equipment for keeping warm. Girls ski jackets tend to be a little longer than boys ski jackets, but for younger kids unisex jackets will be fine.

You’re looking for something both warm and waterproof, that has sealed seams to keep out winter drafts, and a powder skirt (elastic around the waist) to ensure snow doesn’t go inside the jacket during a fall. Wrists should be easily and tightly closed, again to prevent snow leaking in.

Look for material that’s breathable, and air vents that can be opened to allow your child to cool down without having to remove his or her jacket. Obermeyer make excellent kids ski jackets such as this kids ski jacket fits the bill perfectly.

For younger kids you may want to consider either an all in one ski suit or a set that allows the jacket to attach directly to the ski pants for added protection.

Kids Ski Pants

Kids Ski Pants ColumbiaSimilar to kids ski jackets you’re going to be looking for kids ski pants that are warm, waterproof, have sealed seams and preferably padded protection around the knee area.

For younger children, bib overalls such as these kids ski pants by Columbia are perfect and mean that there’s no chance of gaps in clothing where snow or cold air can get in.

Older children will graduate to ski pants, but again, you might want to look for sets that allow you to attach the pants to the inside of the jacket.

Kids Ski Helmets

Kids Ski-HelmetFinally, your child should be wearing a ski helmet, and in fact, this will be required in many resorts.

A ski helmet will help protect your child in the event of a fall and is exceptionally important. A good helmet will have a hard shell and an under the chin strap that secures the helmet. Look out for extra features like air vents to cool your child down, and ear pads that will help protect little ears from the cold.

A product like this best seller is perfect, and the bright color choices mean that you’ll be sure to spot your kid from a mile away.

Skiing is tons of fun for the whole family, and buying ski equipment for your kids can be a great way to save if you’re all frequent skiers. The right equipment will mean that your child is both safe and warm, which are the two most important things when you’re out on the slopes.

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