Football Games for Kids

Football Games For Kids

When you think of football, you probably think of big guys wearing lots of padding and getting knocked around.

That means that when it comes to kids football, you might be a little worried about sending your child out onto the field. However, football does have a lot to teach, from coordination to team spirit, and it really is never to early to start.

As long as you have the appropriate equipment, there are plenty of football games for kids to play that aren’t going to have them coming home with black eyes or broken noses! Today we’re looking at what you should keep in mind when it comes to football for kids so that you can make sure that your child is both safe and having fun.

Which Football Games for Kids are Right?

Kids Football GamesIt’s unusual that smaller children will play full-contact football. Generally, kids play flag football, a variant of traditional football that involves grabbing a flag from the waistband of the opposing player, rather than knocking him to the floor.

Obviously, this is far safer for children to play. This has the benefit of allowing younger children to learn the appropriate rules of the game, without placing young bodies in too much danger.

In general, contact football won’t start until at least middle school level. However, you can even play simple throw and catch practice games out in the yard to help your child improve his coordination.

You might want to consider investing in a practice net, which will allow your child to practice both kicking and throwing without needing another player around.  Another great thing about this practice net is that is can be used indoors and/or outdoors all year round.

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Kids Ski Pants Becasue No One Should Ski In Jeans

Ski Pants for KidsKeeping your kids safe and warm on the ski slopes is obviously your top priority, and nothing factors more heavily in this than making sure that they’re properly equipped.

You may not think that kids ski pants can make a difference, but in both keeping kids visible and keeping them comfortable they really do, and pants need to be chosen carefully.

Below we’ve listed the things that you should be considering when buying ski pants for your child:


Kids pants come in three different styles.

The most common insulated, which are waterproof on the outside and lined on the inside to keep kids warm.

There are also shell pants, that are basically waterproof coverings that need to be worn over other layers. These may be practical when skiing in warmer conditions.

Finally, there are bib pants, which fit like overalls, and are most suited to younger children, as they ride higher and keep more of the body warm as well as making sure that pants don’t fall down.

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Best Tennis Strings For Kids

Most kids who are between the ages of 2 and 12 years old are not going to break many sets of tennis strings but there is the odd chance that you might be faced with the question of what kind of strings to put into your 7 years old’s racket.

The right string is a very important companion to the best tennis rackets for kids and the decision should not be overlooked.

Nearly every single professional tennis player is using polyester strings but they should not be used in kid’s tennis rackets.

The best tennis strings for kids is a nice and soft synthetic gut. We recommend using, what is widely regarded as one of the best tennis strings ever made, Prince Synthetic Gut.

The reason we recommend not using poly strings for your kid’s tennis rackets is that poly is a lot stiffer and harder on their arm.

At a young age, it is more important to protect their elbows than to get the most out of their strings.

Once they get a little older and stronger you can start to experiment with a poly main string and a synthetic gut cross string but make sure you’re dropping the tension on the main string 5-15%.

Until next time, good luck and hit hard!

The Best Kids Tennis Rackets are Producing 6 Year Old Phenoms!

Smallest Kids Tennis RacketI have been utterly amazed lately whenever I see the group of tiny tots in their Saturday morning lessons at the tennis club.

For the past couple of years, the pros have been working with the kids using all the best tennis rackets for kids that are sized appropriately for their age and they have also adopted the new court sizes for kids ten and under.

It is amazing to see a couple of 6-year-old tennis players hitting topspin forehands and having rallies over 5, 10, 15 plus shots!

They are starting to look like a bunch of little Raffas and Federer’s out there! It’s a far cry from the under 10 moon ballers that I played against when I was that age!

The governing bodies of tennis have finally realized that they are one of the only sports (I actually can’t think of any others) that make all ages play on the same sized playing field. Starting January 1, 2012, the USTA has adopted a new set of rules for kids ten and under.

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Youth Wrestling Shoes: Keys to Making a Smart Purchase

Pair of Used Youth Wrestling ShoesA good pair of wrestling shoes will help your youth be their best out there on the mat.

If the competition already has a pair of wrestling shoes, but your kid doesn’t, then its time to even out the odds.  Wrestling shoes are made to improve overall wrestling agility and ability.

The typical benefits of having wrestling shoes are improved grip, ankle support, and lightweight.

Leverage Can Make All the Difference Between a Win and a Loss

One of the major benefits of wrestling shoes is the grip and traction that they provide.

When attempting to roll an opponent over with a half nelson move for a pin, your child needs every advantage they can get.

A pair of good wrestling shoes with proper grip and traction may just improve leverage enough to make a difference.

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Wrestling Headgear: Get A Pair Before Its Too Late

Kids Wrestling Head GearHave you ever seen the pictures of wrestlers with “cauliflower” ear?

It’s a pretty nasty condition and it all starts at an early age of not protecting one’s ears while wrestling.

The condition comes about slowly over time but it’s primarily due to getting a massive amount of abuse when wrestling.

Cauliflower EarWithout proper wrestling headgear, a wrestler’s ears will begin to take on fluid.  This fluid is what makes the ear swell.

That’s why it’s so important to get your child a quality set of wrestling headgear right away.

This gear is relatively inexpensive and will protect their ears from this ugly condition later.  Cauliflower ear will not typically show up after just one wrestling meet, but if your child continues to enjoy this sport and wrestles a lot, then a headset is a must to prevent this condition.

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Shin Guards For Kids: Required Gear For Youth Soccer Players

Plastic Youth Soccer Shin GuardsShin Guards are a required piece of soccer equipment for all organized youth soccer programs.

Referees are responsible to ensure that no child plays in a soccer match without a proper pair of shin guards.  This is required due to important safety aspects.

Shin guards protect your child from minor bruises and scrapes but also from potential broken bones.  If an opposing player kicks your child’s shin or ankles just right it could become a serious injury.

The good news is that shin guards offer superb protection for your youth.

Determining The Right Pair

Shin guards come in a variety of unique styles and sizes.  The “right” pair of shin guards for your youth comes down to a few determining factors:  age, size, type of play and typical position.

The first thing to understand before making a purchase is to know what kind of materials shin guards are typically made of and how these materials differ.

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Kids Soccer Cleats Will Help Increase Safety and Performance on the Field

Kids Soccer CleatsAll soccer players need a proper set of cleats no matter what age.

A good pair of soccer cleats will help to improve your child’s overall performance by ensuring good acceleration and quick turning but, more importantly, a good pair of cleats helps to improve safety.

A soccer player who doesn’t have good footing in all weather conditions has a high potential to get hurt.  Good footing is a must to prevent slips and falls that can lead to serious injuries.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase

Safety:  When running at a high rate of speed while kicking a ball, any unnecessary tumble could become a significant injury.  Cleats won’t prevent all falls but, any reduction in the frequency of falls is a safety improvement in our opinion.  This is even more important in wet weather, where achieving quality footing is even more difficult.

Quality:  With footwear of any kind the key to quality is in the materials and how the materials are assembled.  We prefer quality stitching instead of glue or adhesion.  The better quality shoes typically cost a little more but the old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true for kid’s soccer cleats.

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Kids Tennis Rackets: A Parent’s Guide

Kids TennisKids tennis has changed dramatically in the past few years, not to mention the past decade.

If you played tennis when you were a kid, you likely weren’t using a small enough racket.

The technologies that are going into tennis rackets these days makes it possible for kids as young as two years old to play “real” tennis. They are no longer being held back by using a racket that is too big for them.

If you’ve been to any tennis court after school or on Saturday mornings lately you’ve surely seen the youngsters out there. They’re rallying balls back and forth, running side to side and even ripping forehand winners up the line!

Kids tennis rackets are dramatically changing the caliber of kids under the age of ten.

Long gone are the days of the under 10 and under 12 categories of kids tennis being dominated by the best moon baller!

When Should Your Child Start Playing Tennis?

Kids rackets are so light and so small these days that you can start your child in tennis lessons between one or two years old!

Now picking the right kids’ tennis racket these days is also much harder than it was just a few years back.

There are 15″ rackets, 17″ rackets, 19″ rackets, 25″, 27″, blue rackets, pink rackets, Dora the Explorer themed kids tennis rackets and so much more!

We all know that personal preference plays a large part of whether or not you like a tennis racket.  It’s hard to ask your two or three-year-old which tennis racket they like better. Their answers will most likely hinge on factors such as color or theme.

It’s very important that your child is using the best kids tennis racket for them. As they grow and develop it’s also very important to move them into a larger racket so their skills can continue to improve.

We’ve done an extensive research and you’ll find our rules and recommendations when it comes to choosing the best kids tennis rackets!

Kids Tennis Rackets for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Years Olds

Believe it or now, this 15″ kids tennis racket from Le Petit Tennis has made “playing” tennis possible for kids between the ages of 1 and 2 years old.

Now, they aren’t going to be playing full matches yet. And they won’t even rally the ball back and forth much.

However, they will be able to get used to handling a racket and it will help their hand-eye coordination.

It makes it fun to play for short bursts at this age.

This 15″ frame is the smallest and lightest tennis racket (possibly in the world).

The best kids tennis racket to start your 2-year-old son or daughter off with is this Le Petit Tennis Racket because it is only 17 inches long and very light.

Paring this tiny kids tennis racket with My First Tennis Ball makes the game of tennis fun and easy for the youngsters because they have control over their racket and the big inflatable ball.

This 17″ frame is one of the smallest and lightest tennis rackets that we could find and it’s an affordable option to get your kid started in tennis.

The great folks over at Le Petit Sports have bundled up a great starter kit that we recommend you check out: Le Petit Tennis – My First Tennis KIT Starter Kit.

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Goalkeepers Gloves: Your Essential Guide

A soccer goalkeeper’s handsGoalkeepers Gloves and Stretches are exposed to ongoing extreme dynamic loads where fingers, hands, and wrists need to be protected.

Without the proper hand protection, a soccer ball flying towards the net at high speed can easily hyper-extend a goalkeepers wrists or jam fingers.

Fortunately, with today’s gloves technology, you can rest assured that a smart purchase will protect your youth.

Below are our top 3 recommended goalie gloves and the reasons we recommend them.

Safety:  From a safety perspective, we will NOT recommend any goalkeeper gloves that don’t provide finger saving and hyper-extension technology.  Many cheaper gloves don’t include these safety technologies and instead focus solely on performance and flexibility, however, we will not be recommending any of those.

Quality:  We make certain to search the web for any quality related complaints we can find.  If there are any quality concerns then we make certain to disclose that to you.  However, if we discover a significant amount of quality related concerns then chances are will avoid a recommendation altogether.

Performance:  Performance for a pair of goalie gloves comes down to overall grip attributes, overall fit and customer satisfaction.

Extras:  Hands can get very hot and sweaty in a pair of goalkeeper gloves so vents or breathable mesh are nice additions.  We will call out any other “extras” that you won’t find in all goalkeepers gloves.

Select Youth Goalie Glove with Finger Protection – Best Glove for the Younger Kids

Safety:   These gloves include the recommended finger protection we are a huge fan of.  One comment even went so far to mentioned that the finger splines were stiff the first few times used.  However, they soon became a bit more flexible after use.   This is proof that these gloves take the safety of fingers and hands as a top priority.

Quality:  These gloves claim to have exceptional durability and no negative comments were found with our extensive research.  For the price, it seems that the durability of these gloves is very reasonable.

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