Roller Skates for Kids

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Roller Skates For Kids

Roller skating was a part of most of our childhoods, and just because these days everyone’s into inline skates doesn’t mean that your kids should miss out on the four wheel deal.

In fact, there are solid reasons why roller skates for kids are a better idea for your children that inline skates are anyway.

Today we’re taking a look at kids roller skates, as well as some of the concerns that you should keep in mind whilst you’re buying. So, don’t let your kids miss out on the four wheel experience, you might even feel like recapturing your childhood and joining them!

Why Roller Skates are Better For Kids

Kids Roller SkatesInline skates might be the hot new thing, but roller skates really are a better idea for children. As children are still developing, their inner ears are not quite giving them the same kind of balance that adults have.

This means that giving them quad wheel roller skates rather than inline skates is going to be a safer decision. Plus, the learning curve for roller skates is a lot less steep than that for inline skates.

Strap on some roller skates and you’ll be dashing up and down the street in no time, as opposed to inline skates which are going to require a fair amount of practice.

We all know that our kids don’t always have the longest attention spans, and particularly smaller kids will find it hard to put in the required work to master inline skating.

When Buying Kids Roller Skates

Kids SkatesThere are several things that you’re going to want to look for when buying kids roller skates.

The first is decent ankle support. Because skates are so far off the ground, the chance of an ankle turning over and getting broken or sprained is pretty high. This means that you want the skate to offer as much ankle support as possible.

Something like this these skates are a great option.

Along the same lines look for fastenings that enclose the ankle. You’ll want either a boot that laces right up to the top, or a boot that has a clasp that holds the ankle such as on these pair of roller skates.

There should be a good sized stopper on the toe of the skate, made from a heavy duty material. This will be used as a brake, so it’s important that it’s durable.

Wheels that can be replaced are handy on skates for older kids, though younger kids will probably grow out of their skates fast enough that the wheels won’t wear down.

Finally, even younger kids can have roller skates. The traditional adjustable over the shoe skates can get even the littlest ones on the road.

Don’t Forget Protection!

Helmet For Roller SkatingAs always, your child’s health and safety come first, and that does mean investing in some solid protective wear.

A good helmet is exceptionally important, seeing as it’s necessary to skate on a hard, solid surface. Look for something robust that has an under the chin strap to hold it securely in place, as you can see here.

Don’t be tempted to let kids skate without a helmet, serious injury can occur.

Also, knee and elbow pads are going to stop bloody scrapes and scratches, and are always a good idea. You can buy a complete set to cover delicate skin on the elbows and knees. Make sure that pads fit tightly and securely to prevent them slipping.

Kids roller skates are a fantastic idea. Getting your kids on the move under their own steam is great exercise, and most children enjoy skating.

Older kids will be tempted into inline skating, but roller skating is the best first step, and even the youngest can start rolling. It’s never too early to start, and great roller skates are a present that every kid will love.

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