Youth Volleyball Shoes – How To Find The Right Pair For Your Kid

How To Find The Best Youth Volleyball Shoes

Youth Volleyball Shoes

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it’s likely your kid has discovered the love of volleyball. Maybe they’re about to start playing for a club, middle school, or high school volleyball team.

Or you’re scouting some gear in hopes your child eventually gets into the sport of volleyball.

Either way, volleyball is a committed team sport. Volleyball players have the opportunity to learn powerful things at an early age.

The sweet satisfaction of sticking something out with discipline and training. The thrill of a hard-fought victory, the long-lasting impact of an encouraging coach.

To make the most of those experiences, your kid needs to be on their game – literally and figuratively. What better way to set the tone than with well-fitting, confidence boosting gear?

A coach or booster club may provide the uniforms, but it’s often up to the parent to supply a youth volleyball shoe. And it’s one of the most crucial volleyball items. They need a well-made and supportive pair of youth volleyball shoes. [Read more…]

Kids Swim Cap – How To Find The Right One For Your Kid

Helping You Find The Best Kids Swim Cap

Kids Swim Cap

Ah, swimming. One of the sports you can put your kids in that won’t break the bank. Because it doesn’t much in the way of expensive gear or accessories.

Of course, your kid needs a swimsuit, but there’s only a couple of extra swim accessories.

One of those being a high-quality kids swim cap.

But with so many kids swim cap choices available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why your here, to find the right swim cap for your kid. [Read more…]

Kids Swim Goggles – How To Find The Perfect Pair

Helping You Find The Best Kids Swim Goggles

Kids Swim Goggles

I’ll admit it. I’m a little bit jealous of our young swimmers and splashers today. When I was young, it wasn’t a thing to have swim goggles for kids.

Suits, yes. I mean…well…definitely, yes. Naked puddle-jumping in the backyard at the age of two is the closest my mom ever let me come to skinny dipping.

But swim goggles – gear to actually keep stinging chlorine-laden water out of my eyes. Cool swim goggles that made me feel like a kick-butt bug-eyed alien superhero?

That would have been nice too.

If I’d had swim goggles, I might have actually been brave enough to put my head underwater before the age of nine. I feel you nodding your head over there in solidarity, thanks.

Today there are a lot of tools to help make a first water experience positive and exciting. And if your child likes the idea of looking like a bug or alien, what’s not to love?

So consider giving your child that experience by setting them up with a quality set of kids swim goggles. [Read more…]

Kids Skis : What To Know When Choosing Skis For Kids

Getting your kids out on the slopes is easier than you think.

Skiing is a great family sport and is something that all but the very smallest children can appreciate. But you will need to make sure that you properly equip your child to get out on the slopes.

Equipment rental is always a possibility, but if your family’s loves to ski or you live in a ski area, you really should buy your kids skis.

Plus, kids can get at least two seasons out of a new set of skis, and you can sell them later, so they are a fine investment.

Here’s everything you need to know about shopping for kids skis.

Kids Skis Themselves

Kids Ski For Small KidsWhen buying your kids skis you start by measuring the skis and your child.

The overall length of your kid’s skis should be no taller than your child’s nose and no shorter than their chest area when the skis are placed next to your standing child.

Shorter skis are best for beginners since speeds will be slower and are easier to control. Also, if your child is a little underweight for his age you also might want to consider shorter skis.

Longer skis will mean more speed and are also recommended for children who are a little above average weight. These kids skis are a good choice for smaller kids. Notice that they’re thicker than normal skis in order to give the child more control and stability.

For older children, something more like this pair of skis may be more appropriate, since they’re a little thinner and will get a little more speed. When it comes to bindings, make sure that they’re tight and fit well and that they are specifically designed to be children’s bindings NOT adult models. The ski’s manufacturer will note whether bindings are adult or child appropriate.

[Read more…]

Ice Skates for Kids : How To Find The Perfect Pair

Ice Skates for KidsWithout the proper skates, ice skating can be dangerous.

Choosing the right skates for your kids is essential.

Fortunately, there are a few guidelines that will help you choose the right kind of skate, whether you want toddler ice skates, fast girls skates, or boys hockey skates.

Read on to find out the important info you need to ensure that you’re buying the right skates for your child…

Fit is Important When Choosing Ice Skates For Kids

As with anything that goes on your child’s feet, the fit is extremely important.

Skates that are too big will allow slippage and loss of control on the ice. Skates that are too small can damage your child’s feet. Ensure that boots fit snugly, that the heel doesn’t slip, and that toes have a little wiggle room.

In general ice skates will require a lengthy breaking in period, since the material of the boot has to be stiff to give support. A boot may not be comfortable at first fitting, so do make sure that it fits appropriately.

Your child will probably need to wear the skates around the house (with guards on!) for a while to break them in.

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Boys Winter Coats

Boys Winter CoatsWinter coats for kids are obviously extremely important.

But you can’t just bow to the demands of style when deciding which coat to go for. Boys, in particular, have quite particular needs when it comes to a great coat.

Active and energetic, your boy is looking for a coat that not only keeps him warm, but also accommodates all his activities.

Shopping in the outdoors and sports section is the best way to get an appropriate kids winter coat. But what exactly should you be looking for?

Here are a few ideas that you might want to keep in mind.

Boys Winter Coats Sizes

You want to choose the right size of coat for your child.

When you’re making a relatively big investment it can be very tempting to buy clothing in a larger size that your child can grow into.

However, children do all grow at different rates, and because kids winter coats are worn for such a limited time there’s no guarantee that even the bigger size will fit him next year.

Sleeves should cover the wrist, length should come just below the butt, and the jacket should be snug but lose enough that he can wear a sweater or two beneath.

Keeping Your Boys Warm During Winter

Of course, kids winter coats need to be warm. Remember that it’s generally far more effective to wear layers that trap heat inside them than it is to buy one thick coat.

Another factor here is the level of activity of your child.

Boys do tend to run around and want to play in the snow, so buying coats that layer gives the option of removing one layer of clothing without actually taking off an entire jacket. Something like this coat from Columbia is an excellent option.

You can detach the outer shell from the inner fleece lining and wear either part separately or both together.

This also makes the coat a better investment, since it can be worn in different temperature ranges.

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Amazing Kids Tennis Rackets and Lessons You Can Teach At Home!

Kids Tennis BallsIf you’ve spent any time on our kid’s tennis page you will have noticed that we highly recommend the smallest and lightest tennis racket that we could find that is made by Le Petit Tennis, as well as their “My First Tennis Kit – Starter Kit“, and their great portable nets.

We are strong believers that they are really onto something great for kid tennis! Their story based tennis lessons, age-appropriate tennis equipment and special tennis balls make it very fun for kids to learn how to play tennis.

We stumbled across this video on YouTube which shows their lessons in action. What we really noticed was how the children were engaged in the stories and adventures and didn’t really know that they were learning how to hit forehands, backhands, and serves!

What is really exciting is that you can recreate this kids tennis lesson plan at home or at your local free public court! As the instructor in the video mentioned, you “don’t need to be a tennis coach, or even know about tennis to be able to teach tennis”!

Here are some links to quickly find the products that will help you get your child/children started with tennis:

Tennis can be enjoyed by kids of all ages with the proper equipment.

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Roller Skates for Kids

Roller Skates For Kids

Roller skating was a part of most of our childhoods, and just because these days everyone’s into inline skates doesn’t mean that your kids should miss out on the four wheel deal.

In fact, there are solid reasons why roller skates for kids are a better idea for your children that inline skates are anyway.

Today we’re taking a look at kids roller skates, as well as some of the concerns that you should keep in mind whilst you’re buying. So, don’t let your kids miss out on the four wheel experience, you might even feel like recapturing your childhood and joining them!

Why Roller Skates are Better For Kids

Kids Roller SkatesInline skates might be the hot new thing, but roller skates really are a better idea for children. As children are still developing, their inner ears are not quite giving them the same kind of balance that adults have.

This means that giving them quad wheel roller skates rather than inline skates is going to be a safer decision. Plus, the learning curve for roller skates is a lot less steep than that for inline skates.

Strap on some roller skates and you’ll be dashing up and down the street in no time, as opposed to inline skates which are going to require a fair amount of practice.

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Kids Tennis Shoes : How To Find The Perfect Fit

Kids Tennis ShoesKids tennis shoes are often also branded under running shoes, and you have a whole plethora of options to choose from on the market.

Getting the right tennis shoes for kids is important for the health of your child’s feet.

The wrong kind of shoe can lead to minor injuries like blisters, but because children have relatively soft bones in their feet, the wrong shoe can also lead to foot deformities as the bones lack the appropriate support to grow in the correct fashion. How should you go about buying kids tennis shoes?

Well, there are some buying guidelines that you should keep in mind when buying kids tennis shoes.

Determining the Fit For Your Kid’s Tennis Shoes

Kids Shoes SizesThere are several ways to determine that the shoe fits properly.

Always try sports shoes on towards the end of the day, as feet are slightly larger then. Measurements should be taken of both feet whilst the child is standing, not sitting.

If your child is going to be playing tennis in these shoes, then make sure you have a pair of tennis socks handy to try on with the shoes.

Re-lace the shoe completely as the child puts it on, making sure that it’s laced up tight.

Once your child stands up in the shoe, they should be able to wiggle their toes, meaning that there’s enough room at the front of the shoe. Carefully check to make sure that the heel of the shoe fits snugly and that there’s no slippage that could cause blisters.

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Kids Basketball Shoes : 5 Tips For The Perfect Fit

Kids Basketball Shoes

Basketball is a great first sport for kids to play. It teaches great coordination skills and teamwork.

But as with any sport it’s important that your child has the correct equipment in order to be safe and prevent injury.

Buying basketball shoes for kids is more than just a matter of style.

Today we’re discussing some of the things that you should be looking for in kids basketball shoes, so that you can ensure that your child has the right shoes to not only play his best game, but also to protect him effectively.

Fitting Kids Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes for kids don’t always come cheap, and it can be tempting to buy a size larger than necessary because little feet grow fast.However, this isn’t a great idea.

Shoes that are too large are going to cause feet to slide, and your child just won’t have the control that he needs. Shoes that are too small are going to impair foot growth, and this is a serious issue since children have very soft and pliable bones in their feet.

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